The Beginnings of a Stretch


As most of you may or may not know, this past year I’ve been experimenting with stretching my relaxers.  Mostly not by choice, as I was in college, and didn’t feel comfortable doing the relaxer while I was at school (I didn’t have my own bathroom and I wasn’t going to go to a super expensive salon).  Most of them went well.  And some…not so much.  Right now I’m still debating on if I will go past 11-12 or not.  I’ll see how it goes as the time comes. In the mean time, I like to pay attention what happens to my hair and how it reacts to certain things.  Here’s how my hair is during stretches.

•  My hair grows at different speeds depending where it is on my head.  My edges grow a lot slower than the rest of my head, and as I stretch it becomes noticeable, which is very annoying.  A line appears around my head, and you can see exactly where my line of demarcation is, which is both good and bad depending on how you look at it.  When I’m styling my hair I usually wear a headband to hide it.  I still haven’t done a braid-out or twist-out that I can honestly say I like yet, but when I do, I’ll be rocking that style as much as possible.


Top:  Left view of my hair right after waking up and not touching it from the night before.

Center & Bottom:  In these two photos you can really see where the line I’m talking about is. I wrap my hair at night so my edges can be smooth for the next day, so it seems like hair goes from flat edges to a poofy ponytail and/or bun in a weird transition style :/

In these photos you can also see my natural hair color.  My hair is a dark brown with light brown/red highlights.  Not sure if all the time running in the sun is what gives me the highlights, but I have them.  They’re really only noticeable when I’m in the sun/a bright area, though.

•  Another thing I like doing is feeling my new growth mainly in the center of my head.  The wavy hair feels cool and often makes me wonder what my hair would be like going natural.  However, I know my new growth is not a good way to identify how my natural hair would be like.  I’ve heard from countless naturals, some even being my friends, that they thought their natural textures would be much different because of how their new growth felt.  So, all I can do right now is dream about, until I feel the extreme need/urge to go natural.

•  My new growth has been feeling dry lately, so I’ve been trying to find new ways to moisturize it.  I’ve tried using a moisturizing spray, but I think my thick strands need something a little heavier than that to be moisturized.  Now I’m just looking for a lightweight moisturizer that I can use instead.  Any suggestions guys?

• I also do more co-washes.  As my regimen says, I do them when needed, so it’s not a weekly thing.  Sometimes I just make sure to moisturize and seal a little more heavily that night and see how that goes.  I’ve found that sometimes all my hair needs is a little more attention and it will do just fine.


2 Responses to “The Beginnings of a Stretch”

  1. 1 Patricia July 1, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    i’m also having similar problems with my new growth, it gets really dry very quickly and i have to moisturise it several times in the day. currently in my spray bottle (which i use to moisturise) is cantu shea butter leave in, a LOT of water, some ors moisturiser and a mixture of oils. i have been asking around for a new product to try and the overwhleming response was the S-curl no drip activator moisturiser! just thought i’d share that with you, i’ll definitely be purchasing it once my ors moisturiser finishes

    • 2 fearthefall July 1, 2012 at 4:51 pm

      Thanks for the advice! I actually did try the spray bottle method with water, glycerin, and conditioner, but it causes too much build up in my hair. I want to try the s-curl, just have to go out and buy it next time I’m on a product haul.

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