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Hard Protein

Today I decided to do the hard protein treatment that I’ve been putting off for two weeks.  On some levels I regret it because my hair may have suffered a little, but on the other hand I loved having my hair out and enjoying how easy and simple it was to deal with.  Anyway, I used the Aphogee 2 step treatment for the first time.  I looked up tons of youtube videos before I attempted it, and so far it looks like it went well.My thoughts on it were:

  • Everyone was right.  It smells disgusting.  I was expecting the smell to be bad, but it literally made me gag when I first smelled it. 
  • I didn’t have a spray bottle, so I just squirted it in my hair and spread it like I would a deep conditioner.  I then used my hand dryer on it for about 40 minutes until it was hard.
  • I made sure to be extra careful when I rinsed my hair.  I didn’t want anything to happen to set me back and A also made sure to use the balancing moisturizer afterwards.  
  • I decided to deep condtion my hair with a moisturizing deep conditioner.  I was almost out of my KeraPro DC, so I mixed that and some Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, a squirt of Roux Porosity Control Conditioner, and a teaspoon of jojoba oil.


I am currently letting the conditioner sit in my hair right now.  I’ll rinse it out in about 30 minutes.  I don’t think I’ll rollerset today, I’m way too tired and lazy.  I’ll attempt a ponytail rollerset again next week, and see how that goes. 


❤ Gemma


February Updates

  • Relaxer Update 1:  I relaxed!  I don’t think I can stretch more than 3 months, not because it’s impossible, but because I’m still learning about my hair and how to deal with it in its stretched state.  It was getting very hard to deal with my two/three textures so my friend who likes to do hair did my relaxer for me(at a bargain, might I add).  We used the Optimum Care Relaxer, Regular (the one in the deep red box).  It was great because not only did she relax my new growth well, she was also able to get my texlaxed hair bone straight.  I know not many people like this because they like they’re hair to be thick, but I was blessed with already having very thick hair already, even when relaxed.  It’s why stretching for really long is harder for me, because my new growth is extremely thick, and trying to deal with both of them takes a lot of time, patience, and care,  lots of things I have to sacrifice while being away at college.  I’ll probably try to stretch for more than 3 months over the summer, when I can actually dedicate time to my hair more.
  • Rollerset Update:
    I was able to rollerset my hair twice this month.  I tried the ponytail method, and it was much quicker and easier.  My results weren’t ideal because I didn’t have access to a good dryer, but I still enjoyed the process.  I wanted to take pictures, but my camera died and I have no idea where my charger went.  I’ll try to find it so I can take some for this month.
  • I’m trying to enjoy my newly relaxed hair for a little longer than I should.  I got it done last Wednesday, and I’m trying to enjoy it until the coming Saturday.  The Sunday after that I plan on doing a doing a hard protein treatment, as well as a moisturizing deep treatment.  That means I’ve been being extra careful with my hair at the moment.  Moisturizing and sealing every night, and making sure to keep it wrapped or in a bun when I’m not wearing it down.  Also, when I do wear it down, I make sure to seal my ends very well, because I know it will be brushing my shoulders/clothes more.  As far it seems to be doing well, though.

That’s it, basically.  Next week is spring break, and I plan on giving my hair some proper TLC while I’m home. 


Gemma 🙂


Hair Updates

Wearing my hair: buns

Last Relaxer: October 26, 2012

Next Relaxer: February 2012

Last Trim: June 17, 2012

Length Goal: Full Armpit length

Last purchase: Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo, Dove Damage Therapy Cool Moisture Conditioner

Wishlist: Flexirod Set, Hairveda Whipped Creme Ends Hydration Leave-In & Moisturizer, Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer C.C., more miscellaneous oils, more DC

Loving: Dabur Vatika Coconut Oil Experimenting with: Sulfate-free Shampoo, using conditioner as a moisturizer



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